Candice Bio Photo

Making the complex, simple; the arduous, effortless; and the sporadic, consistent - is what fuels this project manager’s passion for problem solving. 

As the Project Manager at EKD, Candice applies her vast PM experience to all client projects to ensure every part of the design process is as easy and transparent as possible.

Prior to EKD Candice spent her career bringing organization and efficiency to businesses spanning multiple industries, including commercial real estate, investor relationships, and digital marketing.

Now at EKD, she continues to identify opportunities for improvement and growth, manage resources, and build reliable relationships with clients.

Although her design medium is more often a spreadsheet than a home, she believes stories can be found in everything and is inspired by those able to turn narratives into realities.










“we want our clients to focus on the decisions that will give the project the depth and character that only they can bring. Our job is to take care of the rest."