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With a cup of coffee in hand, and a talent for creating immersive spaces, EKD’s Designer Janelle is an invaluable member of the team. Her intuition as a designer paired with her eye for applying an edgy twist to modern elements is incomparable, and consistently brings a fresh perspective to each project she works on.

Prior to joining the EKD team she worked at HOLLY HUNT as a Merchandise Planner for the textile, leather, trim, and rug collections, while also leading all textile photoshoots and the production of new collection marketing materials for the HOLLY HUNT showrooms and clients.

Her expertise continues to grow at EKD as she helps coordinate and build projects that result in designs that are functional, styled, and a reflection of each client’s personal vision. Finding inspiration in everything from travel, to art, to nature Janelle expands the commonly held perception of what design can be and instead instills the idea that its purpose is deep and has the power to transform any space and even ourselves.  

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“When designing your space, follow your instincts and make sure each piece you buy is a reflection of yourself and your style.”