This was a fun one! As a residential renovation project, located in Ukrainian Village, we had the opportunity to transform this three-unit apartment into a single-family home. This mammoth conversion allowed us to essentially start from scratch and create a layout and design that infused functionality and personality into every inch of the space.

Our vision was to create a home that was soothing, yet bold. And through meticulously selected shapes, colors, and textures we not only achieved this, but we also formed an environment that embodied both the homeowner's style and also our unique perspective at EKD. 

It was also of particular importance to plant the roots of this design in a cohesive aesthetic, and to create continuity between all of the architectural and interior elements, so that each room felt like a slightly differentiated extension of the one before it. 

UNIQUE TO THIS HOME: The original layout, which consisted of three separate units, that eventually became one.